Presentation Management


A Presentation Management System (PMS) is software used to orchestrate the creation, modification, and discovery of slides.

Slides are the basic building block of a Presentation Management ecosystem, containing data, facts, figures, images, videos, and files on a visualized surface. The content in a slide is queryable via integrated search. Slides exist as PowerPoint-compatible XML (PPTX) or HTML5 for optimal availability.

Presentations are sequences of slides organized to further one or more core ideas.

Builders are free slide sequences that can be composed to form unique presentations.

Folders are containers for presentations and all other media file types, including PDFs, images, and videos.

Reports are data visualizations for presentation and slide usage metrics. Reports are a fundamental element of Presentation Management for optimizing sales and marketing workflows.

Reactions are communication metadata wherein users can react to and comment on content internally.

Branding is a slide enforcement layer ensuring users comply with font, color, and templating guidelines specific to your company.

Tags are slide metadata for the organization of slides between presentations into their own conceptual grouping (e.g. "data", "2021", "sales", etc.).