Presentation Management

Best Practices

Why use best practices in making your presentations?

The processes that Shufflrr runs on presentations allow every aspect of a presentation to be fully searchable, editable, and visible at various sizes. These processes are integral to Shufflrr's benefits to the user.

The processing functionality is continually upgraded. Every release, we add to the strength and power of the processing.

However, it is not yet perfect. And, there are some things you can do to facilitate smooth processing.

Best practices

  1. Be sure your admin has added your fonts and checked the box to activate them.

    Check the Admin > Brand Central > Fonts page for more details.

  2. Limit the use of grouped objects, particularly grouped animations.

    For non-animated objects, use a screenshot to make an image of the grouped objects, or, get them just how you want them and then ungroup them. For animations, create a video of the animations and embed it instead of the group.

  3. Use screenshots to create and embed plain images instead of uploading presentations that use PowerPoint features like:

    • Gradients
    • Shadows
    • Reduced opacity
    • SmartArt
  4. To edit complex features, download the presentation and upload it again WITH THE SAME NAME. PowerPoint is the premier content editing system; Shufflrr is the premier presentation management system. Uploading with the same name maintains Shufflrr's features such as parent-child relationships.

  5. Using unsupported image formats will break the editing feature. You can use a presentation with an unsupported image format (such as a .tif) but you will not be able to edit them in Shufflrr. It's recommended that you keep to supported image formats: .jpg, .png, .bmp, and .gif.