Presentation Management

File Sharing

Why share a file?

  • Provide information to clients
  • Provide information to sales prospects
  • Ask a colleague for their opinion

Pro tip:

If you want to submit the file for approval, use workflow tags, not shares!


There are many ways to share a deck. For one, click the down arrow next to the file name in the left navigation to see a share option.

How to share a presentation

Use the dropdown and "ADD" button if you want to share multiple files at once.

File sharing popup

  • Enter the email addresses you want to share with & add a message.
  • Select whether to allow downloads (and in what format)
  • Select whether to get alerts
  • Set an expiry if needed

File sharing popup, populated

The success popup will have a link you can click to see the share, or use icons at lower left to capture it in different formats.

File sharing success popup

You can see whether your past shares were opened or downloaded as well as take action on past shares - see the user profile shares tab information.