Presentation Management

File Sharing

Why share a file?

  • Provide information to clients
  • Provide information to sales prospects
  • Ask a colleague for their opinion

Pro tip:

If you want to submit the file for approval, use workflow tags, not shares!


There are many ways to share a deck. For one, click the down arrow next to the file name in the left navigation to see a share option.

How to share a presentation

Use the dropdown and "ADD" button if you want to share multiple files at once.

File sharing popup

  • Enter the email addresses you want to share with & add a message.
  • Select whether to allow downloads (and in what format)
  • Select whether to get alerts
  • Set an expiry if needed

File sharing popup, populated

The success popup will have a link you can click to see the share, or use icons at lower left to capture it in different formats.

File sharing success popup