Presentation Management

Reports: Shares

Why look at the "Shares" report?

Part of Presentation Management is reporting: tracking what works and what can be improved.

In the Shares report, you can see if the people you sent files to opened them, played them, and/or shared them with others.


Click the "Reports" icon and the "Shares" tab.

  • The options along the top are filters; set them up and click "Apply" to add them.
  • The column header filters can also be used to narrow down what you want to look at.
  • Click "Change" at top left by the dates to select a different date range.

Pro tips!

  • Go to IP Info to identify the owner of the IP address in the last column.
  • Click the "Accessed Date" column header to show the dates in ascending order. Shows file creation then file access - timelines are clearer.

Share report

Download report from the "Apply filters" button