Presentation Management

Reports: Shares

Why look at the Shares report?

Part of Presentation Management is reporting: tracking what works and what can be improved.

In the Shares report, you can see if the people you sent files to opened them, played them, and/or shared them with others.


Click the "Reports" icon and the "Shares" tab.

  • The options along the top are filters; set them up and click "Apply" to add them.
  • The column header filters can also be used to narrow down what you want to look at.
  • Click "Change" at top left by the dates to select a different date range.

Pro tips!

  • Go to IP Info to identify the owner of the IP address in the last column.
  • Clicking the "Accessed Date" column header to show the dates in ascending order displays the creation of the file first, before any accessing of the file, which helps understand timelines.

Share report

Download report from the "Apply filters" button