Presentation Management

Reports: PresentLive™ Sessions

Why use the "PresentLive™ Sessions" report?

  • Determine best practices: Check out how your most successful sales and marketing people are utilizing PresentLive™ to improve their efficacy
  • Research for compliance purposes: who saw what when?
  • Review audience discussion and feedback after a presentation


Click the "Reports" icon and the "PresentLive™ Sessions" tab

  • View who presented, what they presented, and when
  • Use filters to find a specific user, deck, or session
  • Change the date range to view another time period

PresentLive Session report

The last column contains links to the session log and to a list of attendees.

  • The session log shows the time each attendee joined, the exact slides shown, their content, the time they were shown, and all the audience chat/comments.

PresentLive Session Log

  • The attendees list shows both the attendees and the time they joined the session. PresentLive Session Attendee list

Download report from the "Apply filters" button