Presentation Management


A Presentation Management System changes everything. Presentations used to be throwaway files you put hours of work into then used one time. Now they can be enterprise assets deployed intelligently throughout your organization.

When employees need to create a new presentation, they can do a quick search for the specific content they need, preview their options, select the most useful slides, and presto - a new deck, ready in minutes.

It’s like shopping online: You log in, browse for stuff, and click on what you want. Except instead of putting stuff into a shopping cart, you are moving slides or other files into a slide tray that gets saved as a new presentation, which you can then use in your next meeting.

Reporting and admin tools allow the company to track the success of specific slides or presentations, and the effectiveness of the people who use them.

Case Study

The fifth-largest bank in the U.S. had challenges with its presentations that should sound familiar to any big corporation. Each department was its own presentation silo. There was no consistent branding across the decks made by people in different units, and the corporate marketing team had little control over who presented what to whom. Employees making their own decks were presenting products that didn’t exist anymore, or using variations of the brand that had long since been retired, or worst of all, failing to include legal text that protects the bank from regulatory penalties.

Using Shufflrr's Presentation Management System, the bank unleashed all of the great knowledge within its formerly scattered presentations. Branding, compliance, and up-to-date information became universal and standard. Productivity took a jump—Shufflrr users found that making a deck took a fraction of the time ("from five hours to five minutes!" gushed one user.) Shufflrr's Presentation Management System remains popular and heavily used several years later.