Presentation Management

Parent-Child Updates

Why propagate parent updates into child decks?

  • Version Control (accepting/rejecting parent changes in child decks) is key to Presentation Management.
  • With version control, you can maintain downstream consistency with corporate changes such as
    • Product information
    • Compliance text
    • Branding and styling

Why reject changes?

  • You may want to manually make updates to branding, if, for example, font changes cause issues with text fitting on the slide.
  • The parent updates might not be relevant to you.
  • Parent updates might have been made in error.

Pro tip!

Rejecting parent changes permanently breaks the link between parent and child slides.


If the parent of one of your decks has been edited, an orange circle with an exclamation point will appear next to the name of the deck. Orange icon showing that there are changes

  • Click on the name to review and accept or reject the parent changes.
  • You will be able to see how the changes affect your work, and accept or reject on a slide by slide basis.
  • You can also accept all or reject all at the top right.

Image of accepting and rejecting changes process

If you need more details on what has changed, hover over the yellow arrow.

Image of accepting and rejecting changes process with hover