Presentation Management


Why use PresentLive™?

  • Present to anyone anytime - better than Zoom.
  • Everyone can see the presenter and the presentation
  • Sessions are automatically recorded.
  • Plus, you will have reporting data on:
    • who was in attendance when
    • what slides they saw
    • what their comments were


  • To present a deck, first click the "play" button.
    • You can find this in the top right of the main area of the presentations screen.
    • Or, you can click the down arrow next to the filename in the left navigation
  • Then click the "PresentLive™" button that appears at the bottom of the screen.

Starting a PresentLive session

  • Enter the email of anyone you want to share the presentation with.

Email to those you want to share with

Pro Tip!

Be sure your camera and microphone are enabled when you go to present! A trial run with a colleague is always a good idea.

Anyone clicking this link will be brought directly into the presentation "room" with your face on camera - even better than a Zoom screenshare.

While you are presenting, anyone with the link can enter the presentation "room."

PresentLive presenter's view

If in the middle of presenting, someone asks a question about content you have not included in the deck, you can click the "files" tab and use search or navigation to find exactly what you need for the moment.

PresentLive Presenter's view - looking for files

  • During the presentation, people can discuss the presentation aloud, as well as entering comments in the session chat.
  • Anyone with the link can attend, but to post a comment, people must log in. This gives you a record of who commented what during what slide being displayed.

PresentLive Chat

For more information about accessing PresentLive™ reporting tools, visit Reports: PresentLive™ Sessions. If you are not an administrator, you'll need to contact your administrator to gain access to these tools.